Sealing Your Patio Pavers Protects Them From Stains And Improves Their Appearance

If your patio pavers are stained and they have weeds growing in the joints, consider having the pavers cleaned and sealed. Cleaning gets rid of dirt and stains, and sealing helps keep the pavers looking their best. Here's a look at the process of paver sealing.

Choose Your Sealer

The paver sealing contractor will explain the different types of sealers you can have applied. You can choose a sealer that is invisible and doesn't affect the look of your pavers at all. You can also choose a sealer that gives your pavers a glossy sheen like the way the patio looks when it's wet.

Clean The Pavers

Your patio will be cleaned before the sealer is applied. This may entail using a pressure washer. The contractor might use an attachment that looks like a floor polisher to wash the pavers and then rinse them with a pressure washer wand. The wand can also lift grass and debris from the joints. Pressure washing removes dirt, algae, and stains from decaying leaves so the pavers look bright and nearly new again. After the pavers are clean, new sand is added between the pavers so the sand can be sealed too.

Apply The Sealer

The sealer may be sprayed on so it makes an even layer of protection on top of the pavers that repels rain, dirt, and stains. The sealer also keeps weeds from growing in the sand in the joints. The sealer will gradually wear away, and when it does, it can be applied again. By keeping your pavers sealed, the pavers may have a longer life and have fewer stains that are impossible to remove. This keeps your patio looking attractive for many years even if you use it often for cooking and entertaining.

Maintain Your Patio

Even though your patio is sealed, you still want to maintain it to help your pavers stay attractive. One thing you can do is wipe up food and drink spills as soon as they happen. Also, sweep your patio regularly to get rid of dirt and leaves. It's helpful to do this before it rains so dirt won't turn to mud or so wet leaves won't leave stains.

You can keep your patio in good shape with just a garden hose. It's not necessary to invest in a pressure washer for routine cleaning. However, you may want to invest in pressure cleaning every few years followed by another application of sealer so you get the longest life possible out of your patio. Contact a residential paver sealing contractor to learn more.