Adding Custom Striping To Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Providing a paved parking area for people outside your business is an excellent addition to the property, but once the parking lot is put in, it needs striping. Custom parking lot striping helps to define the parking areas, travel lanes, and areas where you do not want people to park.

Parking Lot Striping Contractors

After your parking lot is complete, hiring a contractor for the parking lot striping needs is essential. It is better to have the lot striped right away and not wait too long after the paving is done to apply the paint.  

If you have a lot plan with the striping laid out on it, you will need to show it to the parking lot striping company so they can layout the lot as it is defined on the plan. In many cases, the plan is put together by an engineer or architect to optimize the amount of space you have to work with and define particular areas around your building. 

When to Stripe the Lot

The sooner the striping is applied to the new pavement, the better the paint will stick to the asphalt. Weather can play a role in striping the lot as well. If it is very cold, the paint may not set and adhere properly, and if it is too hot, it can dry too fast and chip off easily.

If you allow a lot of vehicle traffic to access the parking lot before the striping is applied, the more likely it is that the lot will need sweeping and cleaning before the striping. If there is sand or dirt on the surface of the parking lot, hire a street sweeper to come in and clean the lot before the parking lot striping crew arrives. Once the lot is clean, close it to vehicles until after the parking lot striping is complete.

Talk to the parking lot striping company that you are working with to find out when the most optimal time to apply the striping is. Once you have a time frame to work with, you can make sure the lot is ready a day or so before the stripers arrive.

Additional Lot Painting

Check with your stopping contractor about painting the load zone curbs and putting distinctive access markings on things like handicap ramps or near fire hydrants. Most stopping companies have the tools and the templates they need to mark those areas at the same time as they are striping the lot and can include it in the cost of the job. 

Make sure to ask about it when you are getting bids, though. If you spring it on the striping company after they arrive, they may do it, but you may incur additional costs on the final invoice.