Asphalt Patching Might Extend The Life Of Your Worn-Down Parking Lot

If your parking lot has potholes and cracks, talk to an asphalt paving expert for advice on how to refurbish your lot. A damaged lot doesn't always have to be torn out and replaced. It might be possible to patch the damaged areas instead. Here's a look at how asphalt patching works.

The Type Of Patch Material Is Chosen

Hot patch is normally used. This is like the hot asphalt material that was used to build your parking lot. However, sometimes cold patch is used, but cold patch is considered a temporary fix. It might be used in the winter when it isn't possible to use hot patch. If your lot is in need of emergency repairs, cold patch might be used for a quick fix and then permanent repairs can be done later at a more convenient time and in better weather.

Crumbled Areas Are Cut Out

One reason asphalt patching is done is that your parking lot has crumbled areas that look like alligator skin. The crumbles aren't usually repaired. Instead, the asphalt around the crumbles is sawed and removed from your lot. Then the base is checked for damage, and new hot asphalt is patched in and allowed to cure.

Cracks And Holes Are Filled

It isn't always necessary to cut out cracks and potholes. Instead, these can be filled in. It's important to repair these small types of damage because they allow rain to leak under your parking lot, and in time, crumbles will form and more extensive repairs will be needed.

A Sealcoat Might Be Added

After your parking lot has been patched so damage won't escalate, you might want your asphalt contractor to apply a sealcoat. A sealcoat will protect the asphalt from the sun and rain so your parking lot ages slower. Plus, it helps even out the color of your lot since the patched area will be dark black and your old asphalt will be faded and much lighter.

Asphalt patching can save your parking lot and extend its life so you don't have to invest in a parking lot replacement. However, an asphalt contractor has to determine first if patching is the right solution. If the base under the parking lot has washed away or is no longer stable, then the asphalt will probably have to be removed so the base can be rebuilt and new asphalt applied.

That's why timely repairs are so important when you own a parking lot. Spending money on repairs could save you from spending a lot more on a new parking lot.

To learn more about asphalt patching, contact a company in your area like Azzarelli Paving & Site Development.