Five Ways To Improve Your Asphalt Parking Lot's Appearance

An attractive asphalt parking lot requires maintenance and repairs to stay in presentable shape. The following strategies can help you achieve these goals for your parking lot.

1. Repair Damage Promptly

Small cracks can quickly become large cracks or potholes. Fortunately, asphalt is highly repairable and a contractor can easily apply a hot patch to a damaged area to fill in the damage. In some cases, such as if the damage is severe or causes a bump, the contractor may need to cut out the badly damaged asphalt before patching it with new. Prompt patching will prevent the damage from worsening.

2. Clean Regularly

Oil drips, stains, and debris all affect the lot's appearance. Stains and dirt can also begin to compromise the integrity of the asphalt. Sweep up debris, like leaf piles, as needed. Further, plan to have the lot professionally power washed or steam cleaned every few months to ensure deeper stains are removed. Spring and fall are popular times to have a parking lot deep cleaned.

3. Install Curbing Where Necessary

Islands of green that hold shrubs, trees, or even grass are a common feature in a parking lot because they add beauty, may provide shade trees, and they allow for natural drainage areas. Unfortunately, asphalt can crumble and degrade around these islands, resulting in an ugly edge. Have concrete curbing installed around the border of the islands in your parking lot to create a clean margin and to protect the asphalt from crumbling.

4. Sealcoat or Resurface as Needed

The surface of the asphalt can degrade and become gravelly over time. Further, staining can render the lot highly unattractive. A fresh sealcoat applied every couple of years will even out the color of the lot and cover minor stains. Even better, it creates a seal that protects the lot against future damage. If the surface is badly stained or starting to degrade, then have the lot resurfaced instead. A thin layer of fresh asphalt will be laid down, which makes your parking lot look like new.

5. Stripe the Lot Before It's Needed

The striping on your parking lot serves little purpose once it begins to fade, plus faded striping is highly unattractive. A fresh application of paint goes a long way toward making your lot look better. Lots typically require restriping in spring, since winter weather often wears off or fades the old paint.

Contact an asphalt repair and maintenance service for more help.