3 Tips For Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot Paving

A commercial parking lot takes some skilled paving work. Asphalt service can help your business because all of your customers will have someone convenient to park. You can also pave an asphalt parking lot if you're buying a plot of land as an investment. The decisions leading up to getting a paved parking lot will help you get smooth and solid work that you can be proud of.

1. Secure the land and any permits that come with it

Buying a paved parking lot is usually either for a business to assist its customers or an investor making a real estate purchase. Asphalt paving work needs to be as flat and smooth as possible. You need asphalt paving that will be resilient again rainstorms and snowstorms. It is also important to get a paving service that is easy to drive on and that does not create safety issues.

Paving work will require building permits that have to be approved before you can move forward with it. You need to present deeds and titles to the land and might need the help of a real estate attorney.

2. Call upon the help of an asphalt paving company that can start prepping the land

The asphalt paving service is important, but the real work begins in the preparatory process. Like any construction, it begins with a blueprint. This diagram maps out how many parking spaces you'll have and how they'll be arranged. Consider the flow of traffic, in addition to entry and exit points. The blueprint will also allow for painted words, light posts, and signage.

Preparing the land means that you need to put it through extensive soil tests. Make sure that the subgrade is solid so that the asphalt above it will hold strong. The asphalt paving professional will need to apply new topsoil if this is not the case. They will also need to grade the land and get rid of debris and rocks.

3. Make sure that the bank financing is enough to pay for the project

Asphalt paving costs $75,000-$150,000 for a normal-sized parking lot. The bank financing that you get will help pay for the lot. Read the terms of the contract so that you can pay it down without defaulting. Clean and care for the paved land after the project is finished so that it's always safe and protected.

The parking lot will be an important foundation for your real estate property or business needs. Contact Bid Rite Paving for more information.