3 Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Your Old Asphalt Driveway

If your old asphalt driveway makes your property look neglected, it's time to talk to a paving contractor about how to improve the appearance of the asphalt. It's natural for asphalt to fade and degrade over time, so if your driveway is several years old, it might need to be replaced. However, other options might work too. Here's a look at three things you can do to improve an old asphalt driveway.

1. Resurfacing Gives The Driveway A New Top Layer

Resurfacing a driveway makes the driveway look like new. Resurfacing is an excellent choice if the base under the driveway is still in good shape, but the asphalt is faded and cracked.

The asphalt paving contractor has to decide if any repairs need to be done first. Small cracks can be filled in as the new layer of asphalt is applied, but big crumbling sections might need to be cut out and rebuilt so the damage doesn't affect the new asphalt.

Resurfacing entails pouring new asphalt over your driveway so the surface is completely new. This gets rid of cracks and makes your driveway dark again. A driveway that's been resurfaced improves the curb appeal of your property, so repaving could be the right choice when an improvement in appearance is important to you.

2. Sealcoating Protects The Asphalt And Restores Color

Another option that improves the appearance of an old asphalt driveway is sealcoating. This gives your driveway a new black topcoat, but the coating isn't asphalt. Instead, it's a thin liquid similar to paint that protects the asphalt from rain and the sun. Your driveway looks dark again, but repairs under the coating might show through.

Sealcoating is a good option if the main problem is fading. If your driveway has a lot of cracks and potholes, these all have to be repaired before a sealcoat is put on, and the repaired areas are then covered, but they might still show through.

An asphalt paving contractor can help you decide if you want to have a sealcoat applied or if your driveway should be resurfaced instead.

3. Replacing The Driveway Makes The Whole Thing New

Tearing out your old driveway and putting in a new one is the most expensive option, and you may want to avoid it or postpone it when possible. However, a complete replacement might be necessary at some point, especially when the base shifts or when the driveway develops drainage problems.

A benefit of having a new driveway put in is that it should last for many years before you need to do major repairs. However, you'll want to keep up with repairing minor cracks so they don't get bigger, and you may want to apply a sealcoat every few years to help the asphalt last a long time.

For more information, contact an asphalt paving contractor in your area.