A Look at the Excavation Needed to Put in a New Double Driveway

If your old asphalt driveway needs to be replaced, you might want to think about making the new driveway wider so you can park your cars beside each other. As long as you have the space, a double driveway could come in handy for times when you have guests or when your teens get their own cars. To start this project, your driveway contractor needs to excavate the area. Here's an overview of this process.

1. Remove the Old Driveway

The old driveway can be removed with a skid steer and bucket attachment. An area of asphalt is broken up and then the bucket is pushed under the asphalt to peel it off the driveway. The asphalt falls in the bucket so it can be dumped in a truck to be hauled away.

2. Prep the New Part of the Driveway

The part of the driveway extension that's covered in grass is stripped down to the soil This might also be done with the skid steer bucket. When finished, the driveway will be bare to the soil and of the proper width for a double driveway.

3. Slope the Soil 

Once the land is bare, the contractor will slope or grade the soil so rain rolls away from the middle. This prevents ponding of water and allows rain to flow off to the sides of the driveway. While the soil is being prepared for the gravel base, the contractor may need to dig out big rocks in the new part of the driveway and fill all holes so the surface is smooth but slightly sloped for drainage.

4. Add and Compact Gravel

An asphalt driveway needs a strong and stable base. That's accomplished by adding gravel to the soil and compacting it. A dump truck may deposit gravel at the head of your driveway and then it might get spread around with a skid steer or by hand so the layer of gravel is uniformly thick on top of the soil. The skid steer may compact some of the gravel, but a compaction machine that has a heavy roller on it will probably be used too.

5. Apply the Asphalt

Once the base is compacted, the excavation work is over and the driveway is ready for the hot asphalt to be applied and smoothed out. You should be able to use your new double driveway in a few days, but your contractor will let you know for sure since it may take longer for the asphalt to harden if the weather is hot.

To learn more about the process, contact excavation contractors.