3 Things To Ask A Paving Contractor About Before Getting Your New Parking Lot

If you have a business, you need to make sure you have a welcoming atmosphere for your customers from the time they come to your building. That starts with making sure that you have a nice parking lot installed. To get that nice parking lot, you need to make sure you are working with a good paving contractor. Before you have the contractor install your new parking lot for you, there are some questions that you should ask. That way, you are going to get the right surface for your business.

Drainage Options

Drainage is always going to be a big issue, especially if your parking lot will cover a lot of space. All that water has to go somewhere. Your parking lot should feed good drainage so that there won't be any standing in your lot and so that the water doesn't wash away anything underneath. As such, make sure that you talk to the paving contractor about how the water will drain off your parking lot or what kind of drains you need to have installed in your parking lot so that the water can be whisked away and not whisk the substrate under your parking lot away.  

Surface Options

When it comes to the actual parking lot surface, there are a couple of different options. For example, you could go with something like asphalt or concrete. They both have pros and cons, but finding the one that works best for you and your situation will depend on a lot of things. Those things can include how much use your parking lot will get and what kind of vehicles you will likely have on your parking lot regularly. Your paving contractor will tell you which surfacing material is best for you and explain to you why you should go with that choice.  

Maintenance Needs

You will also need to talk to the paving contractor about what kind of maintenance your parking lot is going to need and how often you will need to have any particular maintenance task done. 

You want your entire business to give a good first impression. That includes making sure that you have a good parking lot so that when your customers come to your business, they can get there easily. Talk to a paving contractor and ask them several questions before you decide what you want your parking lot to look like. They can provide additional information regarding a parking lot installation