Need a New Parking Lot? Hire Asphalt Paving Services

If you own a business and want to have a new parking lot, you should hire asphalt paving services. Below is information on how they can assist you with installing a parking lot. 

Replace the Parking Lot

If you want to completely replace the parking lot the asphalt paving service will completely demolish and remove the current parking lot and install a new one. This takes a lot of large equipment and can take a week or longer to complete the job. This should be done if the parking lot is very old and has severe damage. 

Once the old parking lot is removed and all debris has been taken away, they first install a drainage layer. This is generally made of compacted gravel. They then install the base for the parking lot which is made of compacted asphalt. After this, the asphalt is poured to create your new parking lot. The benefit of replacing the parking lot is ensuring it will last you for many years, which is beneficial for you.  

Resurface the Parking Lot

If the parking lot is not very old and does not have a lot of damage, the asphalt paving service may suggest resurfacing it. This is less expensive than replacing the parking lot. They can only do this, however, if there is a solid base in place already. 

Before the contractor gets started, they will make needed repairs. They may need to repair a few cracks or small potholes. They then clean the parking lot to remove debris and dirt. The contractor then pours the layer of asphalt over the current parking lot. As they install the layer the company makes sure the parking lot is level and will have good drainage. This is important as you do not want water to pool in the parking lot as this can cause damage over time. 

Install a Catch Basin

The asphalt paving company may suggest that they install a catch basin on the parking lot. This will help direct water to a certain area, so it stays off your parking lot. You should consider this especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain. If it snows a lot where you live, when the snow melts, the water will run in the catch basin instead of staying in the parking lot. This is beneficial as water that stays on the parking lot will refreeze again when the temperatures get below freezing. This constant freezing and thawing can damage asphalt and other surfaces. 

The catch basin may be installed on the actual parking lot. They can also install it as part of a curb to keep it out of the way. The basin is covered with a grate to keep people and vehicles safe while driving or walking over it. 

To learn more, contact as asphalt paving service in your area.