3 Options To Spruce Up Asphalt Driveways For High-End Luxury Homes

While there are many options for paving driveways, asphalt remains a popular choice in many parts of the country. Even for high-end luxury homes, asphalt's relatively straightforward installation, easy maintenance, and long-term durability make it an excellent choice. However, not all homeowners may appreciate a blacktop driveway's clean and simple look.

If you're looking for ways to bring a little more vibrancy to your home, the good news is that you have plenty of options! There's no reason to ditch your asphalt for materials that may be more expensive or less durable. Instead, consider these three options to take your repaving project to the next level.

1. Focus on Design

A straight driveway that leads from the road to your garage is functional, but it doesn't add much visual interest to your home. If you want to improve your curb appeal, one of the most straightforward ways is to redesign your driveway to be a more integral part of your landscaping. A fresh design can also improve functionality by adding more parking space and making it easier to maneuver your vehicles.

There are endless options for designing a driveway, but great choices include gentle curves or turn-arounds with central islands that can become display pieces for your overall landscaping. Driveway edging and nearby hardscape features can also add visual interest, helping to make your driveway a key part of your home's overall aesthetic.

2. Use Premium Materials

Just like concrete, asphalt mixes can vary. Different mixtures offer combinations of long life, durability, and other critical qualities. In addition to the asphalt cement, the aggregate mix can also impact your driveway's final appearance and strength. While typical residential asphalt mixes work well and provide good long-term performance, more premium options are still available.

Polymer-modified asphalt is one high-grade option typically used in commercial products. Although costly, this material's commercial nature makes it an incredibly durable option for residential usage. Combined with a high-quality sealant, it can provide your driveway with an excellent finish that will stand up to years of abuse.

3. Consider Colors and Patterns

Most people know that colored concrete is an option, but did you know that there are multiple systems for colored asphalt? A skilled paving contractor can install asphalt in various colors, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this material without the traditional black surface. Stamped asphalt can also add patterns and textures similar to stamped concrete driveways.

However, it's important to note that maintaining driveways that use stamping or colored asphalt may require a little more time and effort. You'll need to apply special colored seal coats and may need to work with an experienced paving company to repair damage in the future. Still, these minor drawbacks are more than worth the benefits of installing a driveway that's uniquely yours.

For more information on residential asphalt paving, contact a professional near you.